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Mashreq bank. Digital Transformation.
We partnered with Mashreqbank PSC, the oldest and one of the largest privately-owned banks in the UAE, providing financial solutions to customers since 1967. In 2019, Mashreq bank started an initiative to completely transform all of its customer-facing channel...
Emaar. Referral & Loyalty Platform.
The Emaar community token allows Emaar’s customers and stakeholders to reap the value of a complete referral and loyalty system across the entire group, opening the Emaar experience potentially to billions of internet users. Through the EMR token, users can ...
Jigsaw Interactive. Cloud-First Strategy.
The dev team built a new Cloud-based infrastructure using Kubernetes on top of AWS services. To take advantage of the new infrastructure and achieve the highest level of scalability, our team introduced a microservices architecture that was used to rebuild mos...

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Aidonic. Transparent Donations for Disaster Areas.

AIDONIC aims to transform traditional aid funding by creating a token-based peer-2-peer ecosystem that securely connects worldwide donations directly to needy beneficiaries. The client wanted to develop a platform that ensures traceability and provides 100% tr...

ADCB. Innovative Commercial Banking.

The digital transformation roadmap covered multiple initiatives across business units and products channels. One of these initiatives revolved around customer journey re-imagination and digitization to improve customer experience using mobile at the centre of ...

Optanix. Root Cause Analysis.

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a method for identifying the root causes of observed faults or issues based on the test results in combination with a model of the monitored network and equipment. Given a failed test set, the RCA aims to identify the most probable...
Financial Services
Some of our projects include creation of a fully-functional advanced transaction system for initiating and clearing remittance payments.
Human Resources Management
With five different generations in the workforce and the development of global talent pools, the workforce of the future will continue to diversify
E-learning &
More organizations are joining the eLearning movement that will fuel the demand for more digital services, video and conferencing tools
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