Extending the team of a Trois Degrés

Trois Degrés is a creative agency, based in Paris, specializing in the fields of visual and digital communication. Since 2012, we support our customers in their internal and external communication projects, highlighting their messages through media and formats adapted to their target.

with Marie Husson
Associate Director

Open minds remove borders

Lykke is creating a single global marketplace, where any sort of financial instrument can be traded and settled peer to peer with second-by-second interest payments. Unlike the structure of prevailing markets, Lykke will be a level playing field to which anyone with an Internet connection can have access.

with Andrey Migin
CIO at Lykke Corp.

Being flexible is sometimes vital for our business

Stormfors is an independent digital agency focusing on creating new business for B2B companies. Developing and constantly improving is their main driving force. Therefore, Stormfors measures themselves based on how satisfied their customers are, which helps them continuously develop their deliveries and improve their partnerships.

with Wiveca von Seth Renée
CEO at Stormfors

Developing next generation talent development platform

Starting a new company can be challenging even for an experienced professional. Finding a reliable R&D partner allowed BetterSkills’ founder to concentrate on solving the real problems on the field and attracting new clients, while the engineering team implemented all technical details.

with Tanya Bakalov,
Founder and CEO

Becoming one of the 50 Most ADMIRED Companies by The Silicon Review

The Jigsaw team had many requests for new functionality from different stakeholders including universities, colleagues and teachers and could not execute them fast enough. Prime Holding brought in additional expertise implementing all feature request, which resulted in Jigsaw becoming one of the biggest players in the field of virtual learning.

with Josette Fleszar
President and CEO

Extending services and bringing new target client base to engage with

Prime helps Care Computers extend their services and bring in additional expertise to their clients at very short notice, but with the same levels of professionalism and quality!

with Jonathan Coy
Technical Director

Becoming a trusted R&D partner

Prime has become the trusted R&D partner of The Intellection Group, allowing them to scale their services via bringing additional expertise in design, development and testing of innovative technology solutions.

with Paul James
VP of Technology

Providing additional support on Microsoft based systems for Lockside Software

Lockside was established in 1995 to help producers of large catalogs cut their lead time in half. Lockside is technically strong at cloud computing and web based applications, using Ruby on Rails. Lockside provides turnkey, secure web shops in addition to its PIM and catalog production software.

with Peter Ritchie,
Director of Lockside Software Limited

A trustworthy development team you can count on

DriveRight Ltd is an independent provider of wheel and tyre fitment data founded 2001 in the UK. We established a database of vehicle fitments in 2003 and offered online data to manufacturers and retailers throughout Europe. The number of tyre fitments in DriveRight’s database expanded from 31,000 chassis fitments in March 2010 to currently over 100,000.

with Charlotte Bailey
CTO for DriveRight Ltd

Providing the ability to successfully execute large projects

Red Brick Data, based in Portsmouth, NH, provides industry leading SharePoint, SQL Server, and Business Intelligence Products and Solutions for organizations looking to build, restructure, or maximize efficiency. Formerly part of Udiosoft, Red Brick Data was founded to bring greater focus to the organizations working with its SharePoint and SQL Server infrastructure support services.

with Chuck Salvo
Founder and CEO of Red Brick Data

Delivering high quality mobile solutions in partnership with Purple Scout AB

Purple Scout AB is a Software development and Consulting company working primarily with Java related technologies. Their speciality is within Business Intelligence, Portals, Open Source, Mobile and Internet of things. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Malmo, Sweden - with subsidiary in Gothenburg.

with Jörgen Buder
CTO at Purple Scout AB