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Where we cannot meet in person, our minds can still meet online.

The post-pandemic reality is hybrid. Digital connection is now the nexus of communication, culture, and ultimately - a competitive advantage. We make sure that what you do and say here is seen and heard there, virtually unchanged.

Be understood.

  • Adopt communication technologies such as video conferencing, voice and text chats.

  • Restructure and enrich your digital resources

  • Collect and analyze large troves of data to improve learners' experience and engagement

Facilitate meeting of minds. Online.

  • A virtual conferencing platform with a rich feature set, used by large organizations and online education platforms to host training sessions and hold conference calls

  • A customer portal for a video-powered retail solution provider allowing businesses all around the world to better engage with their customers.

  • An intuitive iOS application designed to provide a platform for virtual healthcare checkups and for HIPAA-compliant video and private chats with healthcare practitioners.

  • A mental health app for emotional state self-assessment and mental exercises via video and audio content

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Success story:

Jigsaw Interactive. Cloud-First Strategy.

Virtual Engagement at Scale
The dev team built a new Cloud-based infrastructure using Kubernetes on top of AWS services. To take advantage of the new infrastructure and achieve the highest level of scalability, our team introduced a microservices architecture that was used to rebuild most of the services.

Need we say more?

Human Resources Management

With five different generations in the workforce and the development of global talent pools, the workforce of the future will continue to diversify

Financial Services & Payment

Some of our projects include creation of a fully-functional advanced transaction system for initiating and clearing remittance payments.

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