Financial Services

Finance has new rules.

Neobanks, fintech, and open banking have changed the way we handle money. Users are expecting digital services with a smooth experience. We have delivered that for numerous financial services organizations.

We have the challenges mapped out. Let us navigate them together.

  • Go digital

  • Modernize existing IT infrastructure

  • Tap new value streams with your existing technologies

Bringing banking to customers' fingertips.

  • A full digital transformation of paper processes for a large European bank, including eIDAS-compliant identification, issue of advanced electronic signature, and deep KYC/AML.

  • A customer-facing app for a large Middle Easter bank, designed to digitize crucial parts of the customer journey

  • Modernizing existing software solutions for one of the largest US investment banks

  • Building wallets and exchanges for alternative assets (such as cryptocurrencies)

  • Creation of a fully-functional advanced transaction system for initiating and clearing remittance payments

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Success story:

FAB. Mobile Corporate E-Banking App.

Enhancing user experience
The program revolved around delivering their new e-Banking mobile app for corporate customers to provide enhanced user experience and ease of use to SMEs and decision-makers to manage their global transaction business from anywhere and anytime.

Need we say more?

E-learning & Conferencing

More organizations are joining the eLearning movement that will fuel the demand for more digital services, video and conferencing tools

Human Resources Management

With five different generations in the workforce and the development of global talent pools, the workforce of the future will continue to diversify

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