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Breaking new ground without breaking down.

Getting product development right is difficult when the definition of "right" lasts until the publication of the next issue of any of the IEEE Transaction journals. Technological innovations keep turning up the dial on businesses. Flexibility, agility, and automation are the new normal if you want to do something great and do it fast.

We know where to start and we know when it's done.

  • Respond swiftly to altering demands

  • Let R&D stand for Reinvent & Delight

  • Customize your products confidently

Turning labyrinths into highways.

  • A single-source-of-truth fully automated solution operating entirely in a Cloud environment for a global provider of data and software solutions

  • Implementation of a sophisticated identification process for a Microsoft partner supporting medium and large enterprises, by using BOTs to intercept incoming calls

  • The enhancement of a legal document processing and management system to improve functionality and increase accountability when measuring the performance of lawyers

  • An AI model that could predict the near future economic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic using data about the number of daily coronavirus infections and deaths, unemployment rates, and state demographics

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Success story:

ClaimQ. Innovative LegTech Solution.

Utilizing Flutter on the Web
Goldenstein is a mid-sized owner-operated business law firm backed by over 30 years of experience. It offers a full range of services for German and foreign companies in various industries, in all areas of business law. Their attorneys and tax consultants blend what a successful commercial law firm does with the dynamic efficacy of a collection agency.

Need we say more?

E-learning & Conferencing

More organizations are joining the eLearning movement that will fuel the demand for more digital services, video and conferencing tools

Financial Services & Payment

Some of our projects include creation of a fully-functional advanced transaction system for initiating and clearing remittance payments.

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