Network Infrastructure Orchestration

Manage your network, no matter how large. In real real-time. On one screen.

Software-defined networking, microservices, new developments in observability, AI, and automation - we eat them for breakfast. Come see what's for dinner ;-)

Tame the network. Start building.

  • Automate more and monitor the entire developer and user experience

  • Combine observability with digital experience monitoring to track all the delivery components necessary for your services to reach the end-user

  • Enable a hybrid workplace by obtaining detailed insight into what is happening in real-time across the entire service delivery chain

Harnessing the power of the network.

  • Designing and extending the SDN (Software-Defined Networking) capabilities for some of the largest carriers in the world. We have worked with leading open source as well as proprietary projects to fit the exact requirements of our customers.

  • High volume data collection, normalization, and reporting across massive datasets. Bringing together distributed processing, high availability, streaming, polling, batch metric collection, and real-time analytics.

  • Observability and AI. Core development, product management, and architecture of observability and AI for world leaders like SevOne, Optanix, and others we can not name due to NDAs.

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Success story:

SevOne. Bringing Reporting Framework to the next level.

Keeping backward compatibility while providing a smooth migration path
After a thorough examination and carefully evaluating different approaches, we chose to go with innovative technologies. We built a current, easy-to-use and extendable reporting framework and several widgets for it, enabling the next level of visualization.

Need we say more?

Human Resources Management

With five different generations in the workforce and the development of global talent pools, the workforce of the future will continue to diversify

E-learning & Conferencing

More organizations are joining the eLearning movement that will fuel the demand for more digital services, video and conferencing tools

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