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We seek out the best engineering talent. Worldwide.

If software engineering is your hobby as well as your vocation, we want to talk with you.

If you have been told that you're too curious for your own good, we want to talk with you.

If the following quote resonates with you, we want to talk with you:

"With integrity, nothing else counts. Without integrity, nothing else counts."
-Winston Churchill

If the idea of becoming a part of a tribe of independent thinkers and true engineers appeals to you, you should seriously consider joining us. The Engineering Department at Prime exists to support you at every step. Trust us with your time and give your best, and we will have your back in every sense - always.

Get experience deserving of your talent and time.

We are looking for engineers with:

  • Passion for code and an innate drive for excellence

  • Ability and desire to excel in a dynamic environment

  • Readiness to work both independently and collaboratively

  • A keen eye for user experience and quality development

  • Good English language verbal and written communication skills

Our screening process includes:

  • An HR interview to evaluate personality and culture fit as well as the level of command of the English language

  • In-Depth technical skill review

  • Test Project implementation (if needed)


  • Very attractive remuneration package

  • 25 days of paid vacation

  • Choice to work from home or at the office

  • A dedicated mentor to support your career and technical advancement

  • Healthy food and beverage program


As developers, we all want to expand our skillset and one of the best ways to do that is to work on different projects. At Prime, I've had the opportunity to successfully complete a wide range of projects related to Blockchain, call and online meetings bots in Teams, large and scalable microservice solutions, virtual and mixed reality, and even legacy code...because you know, you can't be a developer without working on some legacy code.

Kristiyan Goleminov
Software Engineer


When faced with a challenge, most people do what they can, we do what needs to be done to overcome it. What I value the most in our team and ultimately allow us to deliver outstanding results is effective teamwork, great collaboration, and absolute honesty and transparency. The rest comes naturally.

Bozhidar Tyanev
Head of Salesforce Development


Prime gave me everything I needed to begin my career about 5 years ago and continues to do so to this day. Here I met a lot of great people and true professionals. I appreciate that the company gives us the freedom and needed resources to constantly optimize and improve our design processes and offers opportunities to work on diverse, meaningful projects.

Anastasia Kostova
UX/UI Designer

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