Cloud Strategy & DevOps

Delivering across all Cloud platforms.

We nurture unrivaled expertise in Cloud computing. From a migration of existing on-premise resources to the development of an application from scratch, the Cloud is our element.

Cloud-First Architecture

Your Cloud application will be as scalable, reliable, and efficient as the Cloud itself. Out-of-the-box Cloud services cut traditional development costs down to a fraction.

Cloud-Native Development

Our head is in the Cloud, and we know microservices, Cloud platforms, containers, Kubernetes, immutable infrastructure, declarative API, and continuous delivery technology.

When combined with DevOps and Agile methodology, this results in:

  • Automated delivery pipelines (using automation, building automation, test automation, or deploy automation)

  • Effortless infrastructure management (using serverless platforms like AWS Lambda and Azure Functions)

  • Applications that are fault-tolerant with self-healing built-in

  • No vendor lock-in, since Cloud-native applications can run on any infrastructure such as public or private cloud without any changes

  • Auto-scalability and auto-provisioning

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud remains a vital part of modern digital transformation, especially in industries working with highly-sensitive data, such as banking, finance, and healthcare.

We can optimize your hybrid Cloud solution so you can apply the benefits of the more flexible public Cloud to your existing environment, resulting in:

  • Increased scalability, which ensures rapid capacity for growth by making data center capabilities and resource usage more efficient

  • Improved performance due to the elimination of silos and acceleration of speed to market

  • Rapid cost optimization by reducing or eliminating infrastructure resource waste

Success story:

Jigsaw Interactive. Cloud-First Strategy.
Virtual Engagement at Scale
The dev team built a new Cloud-based infrastructure using Kubernetes on top of AWS services. To take advantage of the new infrastructure and achieve the highest level of scalability, our team introduced a microservices architecture that was used to rebuild most of the services.

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