Digital Transformation Advisory

We make successful digital transformation simple.

Our process:

  • Define the “As is” of your environment, as we map the context, processes, and technology.

  • Define the “To be” by using the double diamond method to outline the desired future state of your environment.

  • Identify the exact steps we need to take to bridge the gap between the “As is” and the “To be.”

  • Prioritize our actions and launch the implementation.

Our initial strategic design process takes 6 to 9 weeks, and then we move into implementation. All project sizes are welcome!

Key digital transformation services we offer

  • Technical and Security Audits

    Consultants and certified ISO auditors examine performance, interoperability, usability, and security to provide you with a precise snapshot of the current state of your environment.

  • Digital Strategy

    We define the digital vision, establish the execution roadmap, and measure success through KPI/OKR.

  • Agile Process Improvements

    Equipped with intricate knowledge of your environment and your business, we eliminate waste in processes and optimize them in a few quick iterations.

  • Business Process Automation

    As processes are modeled, they become ripe for automation. We can introduce Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to drive down costs and improve user experience.

  • Digital Service Design

    We have a digital-first approach in both traditional and novel service design offerings. Our digital services offer outstanding UI and UX and a compelling value proposition.

  • Innovation Labs Design

    Together, we can create a digital innovation space for your business where out-of-the-box ideas evolve into rapid design and prototyping.

  • Agile Training

    We provide world-class training and seminars for delivery leaders and executive management on how to leverage scaled Agile (SAFe) principles to transform their organizations.

Success story:

Mashreq bank. Digital Transformation.
Reinventing User Channels
We partnered with Mashreqbank PSC, the oldest and one of the largest privately-owned banks in the UAE, providing financial solutions to customers since 1967. In 2019, Mashreq bank started an initiative to completely transform all of its customer-facing channel applications, including their Customer Mobile Banking Application, Customer Desktop Banking Application, Credit Cards Marketing Application, KYC Application and Branch Service Tablet Application.

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