Success Stories

SevOne, Inc. is a digital infrastructure management software company. They were working on entering new market segments, which is quite challenging for a company building enterprise software. Prime Holding helped the company switch their system from a monolith to a cloud-native application. The solution included critical architectural changes in the product's provisioning, containerization, and disaster recovery.

Aug 19 2022, 10 min

NetFlow is a commonly used network technology offering comprehensive information and detailed network traffic analysis. We developed a custom database engine for NetFlow data creating more efficient raw NetFlow data storage and faster report generation. To further enhance the performance of our client’s network monitoring solution, we developed a NetFlow Alerting system that uses thresholds defining acceptable network performance. It enabled users to get threshold breach alerts to monitor for conditions that warrant investigation. Our solution led to a significant improvement in NetFlow’s speed and efficiency.

Sep 18 2022, 10 min

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