Success Stories

We partnered with a master data management company, a trusted source of MDM solutions based on a unique, business-first, people-centric approach. Their solutions are the driving force behind forward-thinking companies worldwide that have unlocked the strategic value of their master data, empowering them to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and growth, and create an essential foundation for digital transformation.

Aug 19 2022, 10 min

We partnered with a company that wanted to develop a Salesforce community-based online lending exchange that allows multiple lenders, banks, and credit partners to share a fully integrated platform from which to compete for business by participating and publishing deals and distributing funds based on participation. The solution we developed serves as a bridge between brokers and syndicators, forming a complex shared space that facilitates numerous financial operations and offers well-designed metrics and business intelligence within the mandatory financial standards.

Sep 18 2022, 10 min

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