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FHNW. Digital research journal.

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FHNW is one of Switzerland’s leading universities of applied sciences and arts, actively involved in teaching, research, continuing education, and service provision – both innovative and practice-oriented. The client sought to accelerate research by tackling essential issues through digital disruption. We partnered with ElyonDigital to help them deliver an MVP for a digital research journal that aims to streamline the journaling process and increase efficiency.


The current research environment is fragmented, lacks automatization and digitization, and does not effectively utilize the vast amount of research data and information. Research processes, tools, and methodologies must be modernized and approached with technology-savvy expertise. The initiatives of the OrigamiLab Community of FHNW aim to accelerate research by fighting the problems in the current research environment through digital disruption.


Our solution was part of the COBALT Initiative, which consists of a standard for journaling and a digital platform to streamline the process and increase efficiency. We build an MVP for a digital research journal that can be fed with Research results which can be retrieved and queried.

We first conducted user research to get the sharpest possible insights to define the scope of the solution and the UX and design the look and feel of the Cobalt Initiative platform in a way that provides researchers with a useful tool and a user-friendly and entertaining platform. 

The platform provides access to relevant and high-quality data sources allowing users to perform quickly and conveniently literature research and, thus, save plenty of time and effort. Also, when conducting research, researchers always have a professor to whom they report and are part of a group with which they have to share their progress regularly. By enabling all stakeholders to track progress directly in the platform, we eliminated the need for the previously used method for achieving this, which required researchers to spend a lot of time preparing presentations and reports. At the same time, the application also allows researchers to manage access to experimental data and keep confidentiality.

  • Allowed the client to obtain a rich insight into the target audience’s interests and gather feedback for future improvements and feature requirements
  • Achieved a 20% increase in the speed of the research process
  • Increased the interest in the solution
Quick Facts
Duration: 2 months

Technology Stack: PHP, Angular

Team: 1 PM, 2 Fron-end, 1 Backend, 1 UX/UI Designer, 1 QA

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