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Aidonic. Transparent Donations for Disaster Areas.

MVP Design Concept


AIDONIC aims to transform traditional aid funding by creating a token-based peer-2-peer ecosystem that securely connects worldwide donations directly to needy beneficiaries. The client wanted to develop a platform that ensures traceability and provides 100% transparency, secure funds allocation to those in need and micro-transactions with zero fees. As an early-stage startup, Aidonic required both our consulting and development services regarding their platform's UX/UI design.


The lack of trust is a significant problem in traditional aid funding. The poor governance, financial control in charities, and lack of transparency make you wonder whether investments contribute to development outcomes and how you could be sure without information on results. Without transparency, we lack the tools to facilitate collaboration between different finance organizations to ensure the effective use of resources and to hold institutions accountable.

The solution we had to develop ought to tackle these challenges and satisfy the client’s requirement to prohibit NGOs' access to fiat money.


The Aidonic Platform aims to facilitate charity campaigns and enable NGOs to raise funds from donors transparently, displaying the cash flow in real-time until beneficiaries receive the aid. Aidonic required our consulting services regarding UX/UI design as an early-stage startup. In two months, the team helped Aidonic form the concept and vision of the product and decide on its design.

The platform is a blockchain-based solution that serves as a communication channel between the involved parties and provides traceability of fund transactions. We developed a web-based interactive prototype using high-fidelity wireframes during the UX phase. The team specified the platform actors and defined all communication paths and workflows, including those for the fund donation, transferring and management processes.

We also developed the information architecture of the functionality and User registration type, profile (Donor/NGO/Beneficiary/Retailer), and management. We further specified how to proceed with both successful and unsuccessful campaigns. On the UI side, we created all visual components, the UI visual guideline, and all desktop screens for the platform.
  • Greater transparency 
  • Less operational costs
  • Direct connection with communities being helped
Quick Facts
Duration: 2 months

Technology Stack: Sketch, InVision, Adobe Xd 

Team: 1 Product Owner, 1 Design Lead, 1 UX Designer, 1 UI Designer

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