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awamo 360. Credit Default Insurance.

Microfinance Management Platform


awamo 360 is a mobile, easy-to-use, and affordable microfinance management platform for all microfinance institutions that are not regulated. It handles operations that banks usually cover: KYC, Opening accounts, Taking deposits, Handling Withdraws, Loan Applications + Process etc. awamo 360 opens up the market for low-income borrowers by providing MFIs with suitable digital solutions to capture borrower data, monitor MFI operations in real-time, and generate credit reports. The client asked for our assistance and expertise to develop a new feature based on Blockchain technology that will prove insurance policy contract existence and authenticity in case of loan default events caused by borrower death.


awamo wanted to include the option for tenants to insure themselves against loan default events caused by borrower death. A contract that contains all important details for a valid insurance agreement is created for each applicable loan upon its disbursal.

When all necessary information is collected and attached to the loan, the insurance partner would need proof of existence and proof of authenticity of this digital asset. In simple terms, awamo must be able to prove that the contract was created in the respective form and at the given date and has not been tampered with since.


Prime provided advice on requirements, development, and user workflows and offered options on how Blockchain technology could be incorporated. Together with awamo, we selected the most appropriate fit for the product, and then our team conducted an in-depth analysis of awamo’s system and provided a detailed specification on how to integrate Blockchain technology to prove the existence and authenticity of the insurance policy contracts at any given time.

The solution holds advantages over the generally accepted practice of using electronic signatures. It does not need a central certificate authority or central time-stamping server and signatures will not expire. Also, there is a simple way to allow independent third-party verification.

We adapted our working style to the existing development process, quality gates, and release schedule that awamo had in place, and became a full-fledged part of awamo’s R&D team to help develop the new Blockchain functionality. In the process, we also identified areas of improvement and gave suggestions on how to optimize the development workflow. 

  • Helped develop a new Blockchain functionality
  • Advised  the CTO on best practices for running a fast-growing R&D organization
Quick Facts
Duration: 6 months

Technology Stack: AWS, Java, Angular(TypeScript), NodeJS, SonarQube

Team: 1 Product Owner, 1 UX/UI Designer, 1 Team Lead/ Blockchain Developer; 3 Backend Developers, 2 Full-stack Developers

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