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Goodlord. Preparing a Tech Platform for Scale.

Migrating legacy PHP to Symfony


Goodlord is a UK Based software service provider for landlords, agents, and tenants. The company specializes in preparing and maintaining the required documentation for renting offices and residential spaces, such as electronic forms and contracts between landlords and tenants, choosing suppliers of gas, electricity, water, etc.

Their services utilize electronic signatures, invoices, and a wide array of online payments. Notifications to involved parties, as well as automated contract extension and termination, are included.


Goodlord was looking for experienced software developers to join their in-house team and assist with migrating the core of their web-based software from legacy functional PHP  to Symfony, get involved in support, new features implementation, and test integration. The company’s specific requirement was for the software developers to take on various multi-tech tasks in all platform areas. 

Overall, Goodlord desired to hire team members who will be tightly integrated into the existing work processes but will also propose new solutions to support issues and suggest software improvements. This was risky considering the company's established practice of onsite work only in their London office and the fact that they hired external remote engineers from another country for the first time.


We started with an analysis of the existing architecture, understanding the specific details and issues in discussions with the onsite software engineers and support team, and meeting with Product Managers to get acquainted with the business objective and goals of the system and each component.

Based on this, we were able to propose improvements to the software core system. We started migrating the legacy functional code to OOP modules in Symfony (PHP) to improve the architecture, code scalability, and maintainability and allow for faster implementation of new features.

Additionally, unit and end-to-end tests were implemented and integrated to simulate various loads and tests for every new feature to prevent defects.

  • New kernel architecture based on Symfony framework and Scala
  • Reorganization of the MySQL database
  • Migration of the web interface to React components
  • Unit and e2e test coverage of major functionalities
Quick Facts
Duration: 1 year

Technology Stack: Symfony, Scala, React, MySQL, Concourse, Travis, AWS

Team: 3 software developers

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