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SevOne. Bringing Reporting Framework to the next level.

Keeping backward compatibility while providing a smooth migration path


We were charged with modernizing the obstinate reporting framework that was no match for modern front-end standards. After a thorough examination and carefully evaluating different approaches, we chose to go with innovative technologies. We built a current, easy-to-use and extendable reporting framework and several widgets for it, enabling the next level of visualization.


The configuration parameters were endless, and the user interface was not as easy to work with as it could be. The reporting engine was based on outdated technology, which led to the inability to provide interactive charts and data grids such as heatmaps and Cisco Fault Messages, as well as new types of visualizations such as Dendrograms, Sunburst charts, Sankey diagrams, and Treemaps.


We built a modern, easy-to-use, and extendable reporting framework and several widgets. We managed to keep backward compatibility with the legacy system while providing a smooth migration path towards the new solution based on microservice architecture. Using the SCRUM development methodology, we delivered further improvements every other week, gradually moving from one milestone to another.

Relying heavily on test and deployment automation, we tackled changing requirements with as little interference in our development process as possible. The projects required JavaScript developers with expertise in modern web technologies.

During the project's initial phase, we compared application frameworks such as Angular, React, ExtJS and jQuery to find the best fit for the solution. We also compared high-performance charting libraries, JavaScript module loaders and data management solutions. The project was implemented using React, Webpack, Redux and Apache ECharts. On the back-end side, the project utilized a MySQL database and an in-house application framework based on NodeJS.

We had a complete unit test coverage of our React components as well as of the Selenium automation, which was developed and maintained by a dedicated QA specialist.

In the next phase, we developed several widgets for the reporting framework to present data from the Cisco ACI and various Wi-fi devices to achieve a new level of visualization. We also supported the on-premises installation of both solutions for SevOne’s clients.

  • Provided higher flexibility and enhanced visualization 
  • Enabled an easy creation of unlimited report types by the system operators and third-party developers
  • Satisfied current clients by addressing their pain points and sparked the interest of many new customers
Quick Facts
Duration: 3+ years 

Technology Stack: JavaScript, MySQL, ReactJS, Webpack, Redux

Team: 2 Software Architects, 15 Software Engineers, 4 QA Engineers (Automation)

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