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We partnered with a master data management company, a trusted source of MDM solutions based on a unique, business-first, people-centric approach. Their solutions are the driving force behind forward-thinking companies worldwide that have unlocked the strategic value of their master data, empowering them to improve the customer experience, drive innovation and growth, and create an essential foundation for digital transformation. We developed for the client a modular solution using the Lightning Components framework and Visualforce that would enable users to maximize their Salesforce CRM investment with a single unified view of the customer, which is trusted, accurate, complete and up-to-date. The solution includes data validation and deduplication, data profiling & stewardship, in-app Master Data Management, and Duns&Bradstreet data enrichment. 


The client’s system was not integrated with the Salesforce CRM. With more and more customers opting for Salesforce as their CRM of choice, this lack of integration could have resulted in customers having outdated or duplicated information.


We created an integration between the client’s system and Salesforce to allow a near real-time synchronization of records between the two systems. The integration included a Search Before Create functionality that enables users to search for records across all connected systems based on configurable criteria. To ease the initial data load we developed a Java CLI tool allowing the import and export of millions of records from and to Salesforce. 

To prevent data duplication, the team added a powerful data deduplication and harmonization functionality based on complex matching algorithms and survivorship rules in the client’s system. This allows the system to automatically merge potential duplicates if they score a certain threshold and if not, to automatically create Merge Tasks which Data Stewards can review and complete manually. The merge process is based on the Salesforce merge functionality and provides greater visibility, allowing you to operate with thousands of records. Data duplication sets can also be created manually and later reviewed by a Data Steward. We also added a reporting functionality providing an overview of performance factors related to the automated deduplication that runs in the background.

Furthermore, we added a data validation feature through integration with third-party data verification providers, ensuring the entry of only verified and accurate data for address, email, and phone. The Web-To-Object automatically validates data imported to Salesforce from any external sources. We also created a custom D&B integration providing Salesforce records enrichment and augmentation with industry-leading company information from Dun & Bradstreet, including D-U-N-S number and 220+ firmographic, hierarchical and key person data fields.

The solution fully supports Salesforce Classic and Service Console, Lightning Experience, and mobile (Salesforce 1). All components of the application are easily configurable through data mappings.

  • Better marketing and increased sales following an AppExchange listing 
  • Increase ROI from end customer Salesforce investment
  • Enabled a single, unified 360-degree customer view
  • Customer experience enhancement 
  • Reduced operational costs for the end customer
Quick Facts
Duration: 12 months

Technology Stack: Sales Cloud, Apex Triggers, Schedulable Apex, Batch Apex, Automation Tools, Lightning Components, Visualforce, Sales Console, Salesforce REST and SOAP APIs, Java, Duns & Bradstreet API, Loqate API, HLR Lookup API

Team: 1 Project Owner, 3 Salesforce Developers, 1 Java Developer, 1 Tech Lead, 1 QA

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