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Syndication Marketplace. Salesforce community-based online lending.

Syndication process automation


We partnered with a company that wanted to develop a Salesforce community-based online lending exchange that allows multiple lenders, banks, and credit partners to share a fully integrated platform from which to compete for business by participating and publishing deals and distributing funds based on participation. The solution we developed serves as a bridge between brokers and syndicators, forming a complex shared space that facilitates numerous financial operations and offers well-designed metrics and business intelligence within the mandatory financial standards.


In the Alternative Lending industry lenders pass on deals primarily due to 3 factors: risk, diversification, and capital. A lack of sharing is often forcing lenders to say “no” even when they want to say “yes”. Alternative Lending is decentralized, with little infrastructure to connect the important players. Even though the industry is dependent on fast, efficient communication, it still uses decades-old processes and methods.

The Syndication Marketplace is positioned to disrupt this trend and become a hub of the Alternative Lending industry. It wanted to create an online marketplace designed to provide an easy and trustworthy way to share and fund deals. The Syndication Marketplace aims to connect borrowers, syndicators, brokers, and lenders via an easy-to-navigate online platform.


We helped the client develop a Salesforce community-based online lending exchange that allows multiple lenders, banks, and credit partners to compete for business by publishing and participating in deals and distributing funds based on participation. Our team participated in all levels of product development including business analysis, architecture, development, UI/UX design, testing, integration, and launch. 

First, we build the Marketplace where all deals are published and everyone who wants to participate can find them. It serves as a shared hub of information gathered from all publishers. Built on Salesforce Communities, the Marketplace is easily accessible and allows parties to register and participate in deals once they have agreed with and signed the terms of the respective publisher.

Second, we created a Salesforce-managed package that allows parties to publish and manage deals on the platform. This way, for example, lenders can republish deals or publish updates on the instalments on completed deals, whereas syndicators can track the progress of their investments. We also enabled a near-real-time synchronization between all publisher organizations allowing users to always rely on up-to-date data. We also enabled email notifications about certain deals-related actions and added reporting functionality in the form of a dashboard with graphs that display the overall activity: deals, investments, instalments, and profit. 

  • Automated the process of finding syndicators 
  • Reduced need for calls and paperwork
  • Allowed syndicators to discover deals and track their investments easily
  • Allowed borrowers to get funding fas
Quick Facts
Duration: 10 months

Technology Stack: Apex, Lightning, Visualforce, Salesforce Communities, Declarative Tools, Salesforce Rest APIs, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket

Team: 1 Business Analyst, 3 Developers, 1 QA, 1 Project Manager

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