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Thriving. Making caregiving less stressful.

Keeping seniors in touch with their families and caregivers


Thrive Community wanted to develop a platform that takes the guesswork, disruptions, and guilt out of caring for ageing loved ones. We developed an app that simplifies the process of getting updates, coordinating people, and doing virtual appointments so that seniors, their families, and the care circle can feel supported and encouraged.


Thrive Community wanted to build an app that makes caregiving less stressful by bringing doctors, nurses, family, and other caregivers into a central place and reducing the number of apps they need to get everyone on the same page. The client had a great idea but lacked the resources and expertise to develop the product and trusted us to turn their vision into reality.


We developed an intuitive, easy-to-use iOS application designed with seniors’ involvement and caregiver responsibilities in mind. To reduce the number of apps needed to coordinate care plans, the team enabled users to add up to 7 circle members, health practitioners, and doctors to the platform. The app is easy for seniors to use, allowing them to set up an account with one click. It also allows seniors to share how they feel with a single tap on the “check-in mood” icon letting the care circle know if they’re sad, neutral, or happy. We also added the option to set up a schedule for how often seniors need to check in every day. This allows caregivers to look out for missed check-ins or sad notifications and in case something is not quite right ask questions that mitigate the risk of deterioration in health or a sense of loneliness. 

To keep seniors engaged, the team added a news feed layer for photo sharing and a separate news module allowing caregivers to set permissions for news providers. The app was also integrated with Amazon to allow seniors to purchase suitable products for them. In addition, the team added HIPAA-compliant video call and private chat features for iPhone and iPad through a VoIP SDK integration allowing members of the circle to stay in touch with the senior and manage virtual check-ups. The chat offers an easy way for sharing updates, reminders, and tasks. For maximum ease, we enabled seniors to make video calls to family and caregivers simply by tapping the “face” icon of the person they need to speak to. 

After the launch of the product, the client received a large number of requests from Android users, which required the development of the application for Android. To save Thrive future maintenance costs, we recommended developing the applications in Flutter. After approval by the client, we developed all the features using Flutter for both the Android and iOS applications, while making some enhancements to the existing Onboarding journey. 

Furthermore, to improve the call and chat stability we changed the VoIP provider to ConnectyCube which also allowed us to add new features such as receiving calls and messages while the app is offline using VOIP push notifications. In addition, we were able to offer a seamless user experience through Platform-specific API integrations. 

  • Launched intuitive, easy-to-use iOS and Android applications
  • Reduced the number of apps needed for the coordination of care plans
  • Achieved a seamless user experience and reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved call and chat stability through an integration with a more reliable VoIP provider
  • Improved overall quality and stability of the application by implementing automation tests
Quick Facts
Duration: 6 months

Technology Stack: Swift, Dart, Kotlin, Flutter, Reactive programming, VoIP, WebSockets, Fastlane 

Team: 4 Mobile Engineers, 1QA

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